Blanka Jakubčíková

The comic stylization of pictures by Blanka Jakubčíková, including bubbles and strips, makes her works clearly distinguishable and legible for the viewer both literally and metaphorically. The subjects she covers are personal and, at the same time, typical of the whole of society. In works with a prevailingly figurative subject, the artist deals with corporeality, the erotic, the legacy of Christianity as well as the status of women. Besides painting and drawing, Jakubčíková is engaged in writing poems, too.

Rosemary má děťátko, 1998, akryl na papíře, 320 x 150 cm

Muž je více utlačovaný než žena, 1999, akryl na papíře, 330 x 150 cm

Mother of Jesus, 2005, kombinovaná technika na papíře, 240 x 150 cm

Otec Ježíše, 2005, kombinovaná technika na papíře, 290 x 150 cm

Ježíš v 10 až 13 letech, 2005, kombinovaná technika na papíře, 280 x 150 cm