Petr Kožíšek

In his works, he likes to experiment with techniques, procedures, forms and content. Although his expression ultimately remains prevailingly that of painting, his works are not paintings in the traditional sense of the word. It can also be deduced from a completed work that Kožíšek uses his works to explore the possibilities of the picture being painted. He uses paint pouring, pigment application by fingers, dropping, smudging and other techniques thanks to which his prevailingly figurative subjects are on the borderline of abstraction. His pictures assume the vivacity of movement, which is reflected in each individual colourful gesture making up a whole. 

Emu, 2001, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 86 x 115 cm

Bez názvu, 2003, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 75 x 70 cm

Pankačka, 2002, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 100 x 180 cm

Tropická vegetace, 2001, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 60 x 60 cm