Igor Korpaczewski

This painter of distinctive figurative works focused on the human figure touches in his work the inner world of the individual and his mental tension, which is reflected in his mortal frame. Portraits, and in particular the whole figures, are not concretized, but are a depersonalised prototype of man as a human being. Persons known for something and complete strangers at the same time are shown to the viewer in motionless postures and saddened, silently encouraging the viewer to assume an attitude with respect to them. 

Young God, 1995, akryl na plátně, 140 x 150 cm

Perla (Stella Marris), 1998, akryl, polyuretan, 200 x 140 cm

Enjoy your life experience, 2006, kombinovaná technika, komůrkové PVC, 250 x 100 cm

Dissapearing, 2002, akryl na plátně, 150 x 105 cm