Ondřej Kopal

Although fellowships are now quite a common part of the curriculum vitae of young artists, few of them contain such destinations as those of Ondřej Kopal. This graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague has stayed in Egypt, India, Venezuela, Australia and other places which might seem exotic from a common Central European's perspective. It would be rather surprising if his works did not contain experiences from these trips. Hence, his pictures can be read as certain travel books which show – through the hand of a painter knowledgeable in art history – extraordinary experiences as well as his perspective of the world.

Nepál, 2007, akryl, sprej, tuš na plátně, 130 x 140 cm

Janet Light, 2005, akryl, sprej, tuš na plátně, 100 x 70 cm

The Remarkable Rocket, 2002, akryl na plátně, 190 x 200 cm

MOO8 BWI, 2008, akryl, sprej na plátně, 190 x 200 cm

Africa: Réunion, 2003, akryl, sprej, tuš na plátně, 180 x 145 cm