Vladimír Kokolia

A painter, graphic designer, drawer, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and Brno native, Vladimír Kokolia is one of the most recognized representatives of the generation which started to establish itself in the 1980s. The subjects of pictures painted in fine colours are not always clear and understandable at first sight, however, when examining them in more detail it is noticeable that they are always based on the surrounding reality. In 1990, Kokolia became the first laureate of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award.

Čtyři dveře - večer (Okno II.), 1993, olej na plátně, 160 x 130 cm

Záclona, 1992, olej na plátně, 125 x 146 cm

Chodba, 1992, olej na plátně, 146 x 125 cm

Bez názvu, 1987, olej na plátně, 150 x 97 cm