Jakub Hošek

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and a strong talent of the upcoming art generation. He is often mentioned in connection with his sister, Anežka, with whom over the past several years he has acted as highly visible mover of cultural events. Hošek's pictures are based on the world associated with musical production, posters, album covers, texts and graphics. Inspiration is disclosed by lyrics from his favourite compositions which are presented by means of titles or directly incorporated into the scene. Besides painting, he also creates three-dimensional objects whose visual form coincides with his painting expression.

Melancolia II., 2008, akryl na plátně, 300 x 570 cm

I don´t believe in the Sun, 2005, tuš, akryl na plátně, 140 x 200 cm

Knife play II., 2001, akryl na plátně, 80 x 100 cm

The Sky The Ground The Bombs…, 2005, akryl na plátně, 130 x 250 cm

Bez názvu, 2001, kombinovaná technika na dřevě, 40 x 80 cm