Tomáš Hlavina

Hlavina entered the scene in the 1990s as one of the representatives of the first generation of artists who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with professors appointed after the Velvet Revolution. At first sight, his works resemble ready-made, i.e., common, industrially made objects of everyday use transformed into works of art only through a minor intervention by the artist. However, the creation of objects is much more complicated with this artist; Hlavina complements and softly transforms them. Also, the title, which shifts the essence of objects to new layers of meaning, is important for him. 

Gargantua a Don Quijote, 1997, dřevo, sádra, 36 x 90 cm

Strom s oky, 1998, dřevo, plast, 232 x 39 cm

Globus, 2005, dřevo, kov, 163 x 43 cm

Motor, 1999, kombinovaná technika, kov, 175 x 48 cm

Starší krajina, 1999, kombinovaná technika, dřevo, 74,5 x 48 cm