Jiří David

A representative of the middle generation and member of the legendary Tvrdohlaví (Stubborn Ones) group who cannot be left unmentioned. Although the media and messages of his works are varied, David is one of those artists whose expression determined and still actively forms the art scene. In his work, he explores the inherent essence of human character as well as topical social issues. He often actively comments on the latter in the media, hence intervening with his expression also in the area of art criticism. One of his works best-known to the public is the neon heart installed at Prague Castle at the time when the first post-Velvet Revolution president, Václav Havel, was leaving office.

Mezi mužem a ženou, 1994, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 90 x 70 cm

Beránek II., 2005, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 220 x 168 cm

Jezdec, 1993, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 185 x 155 cm

Pokoj, 1994, kombinovaná technika na plátně, 136 x 120 cm

Puberta, 1996, olej na plátně, 120 x 90 cm