Michal Černušák

This representative of the youngest generation of Slovak graduates of art schools already achieved his first major success at a relatively young age. He systematically deals with the reflection of contemporary post-industrial society influenced by genetic experiments, technical inventions, various conspiratorial theories and political parties with strong ideologies. His three-dimensional canvases represent thoroughly thought-out compositions linking real scenes with abstract and mystical elements. Paintings with explicitly or implicitly demonstrated anxieties of contemporary society disconcert and at the same time fascinate the viewer.

Antichrist: Happy Birthday, 2007, akryl na plátně, 196 x 300 cm

Etnicum vs. Etnicum, 2006, akryl na plátně, 196 x 280 cm

System Attack, 2005, akryl na plátně, 196 x 300 cm