Jiří Černický

Fictitious stories arising from specific life situations are captured by Jiří Černický in installations, videos, photos as well as paintings. He moves between various techniques and media very naturally, as is typical of his work. The message comes from the form and vice versa. He also draws subjects both from contemporary society and art history, narrating break-through moments of fine art using the contemporary language of postmodernism. The winner of the 1998 Jindřich Chalupecký Award is now head of the Painting Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

Křik, 1995, akryl na plátně, 155 x 175 cm

Bez názvu, 1996, akryl, olej, na plátně, 28 x 25 cm

Antropologové separatistických povstalců, 2004, akryl, epoxid, 150 x 170 cm

Mini, 2004, kombinovaná technika, 60 x 75 cm